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Recent News
Thank you again to all of our Sponsors for making our 6th Annual Celebration an inspiring event for all 200+ guests and to Phillips Academy, Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream and Crimson, White & Indigo for providing the venue, ice cream and printing! Thank you to: our LEAD SPONSORS Aura Properties, Melissa Marrama and Borislow Insurance, GOLD SPONSORS Enterprise Bank, Realtor Marianne Cashman, Realtor Deborah Lucci and Team, Justice Resource Institute, SILVER SPONSORS Valpak Boston, Howe Insurance,, EMBARC, and White & Williams LLP, and BRONZE SPONSORS Social Strategy Associates,, and Massage Therapist Barb Petricone. Thank you!!
We are excited to now be able to receive stock and mutual fund share donations! Please visit Donate and contact us with any questions. Thank you!
Thank you to Wells Fargo for a generous grant to support our Agents of Change (older Alumni) activities and opportunities this year, including summer programs and camps, SAT prep classes, and college- and job-readiness activities!
Thank you to the Forest Foundation for a generous grant for the second year in a row! This year, they will be supporting summer part-time jobs for several of our Agents of Change (older Alumni) to work on meaningful projects that will help the organization and gain administrative and organizational skills in the process!
Thank you to UNICO Merrimack Valley for generously supporting the 50+ Alumni who will have the opportunity to attend summer programs and camps through our partnerships this summer! Their grant will support approximately 10-15 young people who will be developing their academic and leadership skills and connecting with new peers from all over the world!
We have been offered a very generous $25K Match Challenge by the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation! If we raise $25K during the month of April, we will receive $25K to support and expand our presence in Lowell, MA. If we meet this challenge, we will also receive $25K from a group of our leadership supporters to support all of our programs throughout the Merrimack Valley and North Shore, so every dollar contributed will be TRIPLED and reach hundreds of children and community members! Thank you for any help you can give (click button below)!
Thank you to The Lenny Zakim Fund for supporting us for a fourth year! Listen to our Founder and Executive Director, Leah Okimoto, speak about our mission at their annual grant ceremony in February 2019 here.
We are the 2019 Citizens Bank Champions in Action!! We are so grateful to Citizens Bank for this $35,000 award and also the promotional and other support provided by their amazing employees and NECN/NBC10/Telemundo! For our organization, this is a huge boost and helps us spread the word about what empowered youth can accomplish! Thank you to all of our participants, partners, staff, board and supporters for making it possible for us to do the work we’ve been doing and get us to this point. It’s an exciting time for Aaron’s Presents!!
Our 2018-19 Application is now ONLINE!! Choose the English or Spanish versions under the “Apply” menu at the top of this page to start filling it out. We’re so excited to be able to offer a Spanish version this year, thanks to our new Programs & Operations Coordinator, Valerie Galvao! We hope that these online applications will make it easier for some of you to do an Aaron’s Presents project even if we are not at your school or after-school program regularly. There are 3 parts: Part A, Part B and Parent Permission. Can’t wait to hear form you!
Check out our new Alumni Engagement page and see all of the companies and summer programs that have partnered with us to offer enriching opportunities to many of our Alumni! Please get in touch if your company would be willing to host a small group to speak and learn about your company and career paths over a lunch meeting. Or, if your summer program would like our help in identifying phenomenal candidates with low access to enrichment opportunities.
Thank you to all of you who have supported our end-of-year fundraising efforts!! We could not carry out this work and support all of the kids who want to participate if it weren’t for you. We are also thrilled and grateful to have the support of the Rogers Family Foundation, the Forest Foundation and, for the second year in a row, the Saab Family Foundation!
Thank you to our most recent Supporters: The Mifflin Memorial Fund, supporting projects done by kids in the Merrimack Valley, and (find a pet sitter or dog walker here!), sponsoring an animal-related project!
We are beyond thrilled to have received a $100K for 100 Grant from the Cummings Foundation!! This will provide critical funding to enable us to continue empowering more and more kids who want to make an impact on others, with a specific focus on Lawrence and Lynn.
We were honored to have been named a Finalist for Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s 2017 Nonprofit Excellence Awards! The celebration at the State House on June 5th with other government and nonprofit leaders was incredibly inspiring!

What We Do
Aaron’s Presents is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers 1) hands-on, individualized mentoring, 2) materials/services and 3) logistical help to any child in 8th grade or below who want to carry out an idea that benefits at least one other person, animal or the environment. We follow the children’s vision as they create and lead a memorable, meaningful and fun experience by practicing kindness, empathy and generosity.
In the process they discover the value of their ideas and unique qualities and their ability to make the world better exactly as they are at every age and stage. Ours is a new approach to “community service,” because we’re asking kids to start seeing giving not as an occasional obligation but as their larger purpose.
Our Mission
Inspiring kids to give of themselves for the good of the world.
Our Vision
We envision a world in which all children learn to seek happiness, healing and purpose by tapping into who they are and reaching out to help others with empathy, generosity and passion.
Our Grant Recipients in Action
  • A Basketball Court A Basketball Court Vivian and Mariah (6th, Lowell): Planning to make a basketball court for the LCCPS playground in the fall; led a team of students who are painting athletic-themed wooden plaques for the gym
  • A Child's Dream Erika, Kesey, Laylah, Leah, Olivia and Vivian (6th, Lowell): Created 2 birthday celebration packages for Horizons for Homeless Children; visited HHC’s headquarters in Roxbury, MA and toured the preschool center and talked with a staff person about homelessness A Child's Dream
  • Brain Games Brain Games Owen (5th, Lawrence): Applied for chess sets and other supplies to start a YDO (Youth Development Organization, an after-school enrichment program in Lawrence) chess program and taught 6 elementary-aged kids how to play chess; 6 weekly classes; held a tournament; made a presentation about the history of chess.
  • Gifts for Grandparents Gifts for Grandparents Valerie, Larybeth, Nick and Keith (6th, Lowell): Applied for craft and other supplies to use while visiting with residents at Willow Manor nursing home in Lowell; visited three times; planned activities and interacted with and brought smiles to many elderly residents.
  • Pictures for Patients Pictures for Patients Bryce (3rd, Danvers): Applied for art supplies for his company, The Graffiti Club, which consists of other elementary-aged kids, to create artwork that will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital and on display in July 2014
  • Luis' Cool Rubberbands Luis (6th, Lowell): Created a rubberband jewelry-making business and generously gave many items away to special people who have helped him in life and school Luis' Cool Rubberbands
  • Get to Know Bellesini Get to Know Bellesini Ramphis and Alex (8th, Lawrence): Applied for a durable tri-fold presentation board as a parting class gift to Bellesini Academy, an independent boys middle school in Lawrence; decorated and organized letters of appreciation written by each graduating student; presented the board to the head of school at their graduation dinner
  • Diamonds Dance Diamonds Dance Jasmine, Kelina, Valeria and Charlyna (6th/7th, Lawrence): Applied for gym mats and uniforms to start a YDO gymnastics program; taught 10 elementary-aged girls basic gymnastics skills
  • A Puppet Show! A Puppet Show! Princess and Angie (5th, Lowell): Led a team of students who built a new and durable puppet theatre for LCCPS and created puppets; rehearsed and performed a puppet show for 2nd graders
  • Random Acts of Kindness Random Acts of Kindness Mariam and Janisha (4th, Lowell): Applied for supplies needed to run a Random Acts of Kindness Week for their entire school (LCCPS); planned daily themes and activities, contests, made daily morning announcements, led a team of other student helpers
  • Clareese Cares Clareese (6th, Lowell): Created a loaner program for students who walk to and from school to have reflective vests and whistles to help them feel safer Clareese Cares
  • Sing it Out Sing it Out Channel (7th, Lawrence): Applied for voice lessons to pursue her passion for singing; will come up with a way to “give back” what she has gained and learned to someone else

Ways to Get Involved

Aaron’s Presents is made possible by your generous support.
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