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Application Process

Please note: A Spanish version of our application is coming soon!
Participating in Aaron’s Presents requires one thing: a desire to do something good, positive, helpful for someone else–at least one person, animal or the environment. If you have an idea for something YOU would like to do that meets this requirement, please fill out our application here! We would love to provide the supplies and help you need, including rides, as well as a Mentor to support you every step of the way as you plan it and then DO IT! Don’t be nervous–you are the leader of the whole process, and we will have so much fun spreading joy around the community together.
If you have any questions, call, text or email us at (978) 809-5487 or anytime!
IMPORTANT: If applying with a partner or as a group (max. of 10), each participant needs to submit a Part A. Only one Part B should be completed per project/idea. After the applications have been received, parents will receive an email with a link to an online permission form.

Examples of Projects
  • Getting a group together to help weed someone’s garden or rake leaves
  • Dreaming up a surprise for a sick relative, elderly, or other individuals in need of cheer, warmth and comfort
  • Teaching an art class to kids or the elderly
  • Providing reflective vests and whistles to kids walking to and from school
  • Planning an afternoon of activities for children living at a homeless shelter or group foster home
  • Take a class on your passion, such as sewing, and then design and create an item for someone else
  • Planning and leading a soccer clinic for younger kids


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