About Us
Founder and Executive Director
Leah Okimoto started Aaron’s Presents in January 2014 as a way to honor the memory of her son by creating a unique opportunity for other children to start thinking of themselves as community members with unique qualities to be developed and put to good purpose. At other phases of her life, she has composed music for musical theatre, run a legal recruiting firm, tutored and mentored kids, and volunteered at homeless shelters, hospitals, schools and meal kitchens. She currently lives on the campus of Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters.
North Shore Regional Director
Kimberly joined Aaron’s Presents in September 2014 as the North Shore Regional Director based in Danvers, MA. This position has given her an opportunity combine her previous non-profit and business experience with her passion for working with kids. Kim’s previous roles include Development Manager for Teen Voices Magazine in Boston, Residential Counselor at The Lakeside School for Boys in Peabody and Account Manager for Concentra in Woburn. She holds a B.S. in Management from Endicott College. Personally, Kim has always enjoyed encouraging creativity in kids and thrives on the energy they bring to any organization. Kim is an active volunteer at her son’s school, the Danvers Rotary Club and serves on several committees in her hometown of Danvers, where she lives with her husband Jeff and their son, Bryce.
Project Mentor
Amanda joined Aaron’s Presents in November 2016 as a Project Mentor based in Lowell, MA. Her bio is coming soon! Amanda is an artist and illustrator who has taught art classes for elementary students, and you can follow her work here.
Project Mentor
Nana joined Aaron’s Presents in February 2017 as a Project Mentor based in Lowell, MA. Her bio is coming soon! Nana is a current student at UMass Lowell, finishing her degree in Business with a minor in Plastics Engineering. She is also the founder of a fantastic mentoring program for high school girls called Get Girls Going. An amazing example of Aaron’s Presents values and mission, from the age of 14 to the present, Nana has served as a youth leader in 8 nonprofit organizations, both in the city of Worcester and statewide. At 14 she started a community venture and at 16 two more for youth in her community.

Rosemary Infante Costello
Bio coming soon!

Marianne Cashman
Marianne is a realtor at William Raveis in Andover, MA.

Connie Chung
Connie K. Chung works at the Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), conducting research about education for the 21st century, and partnering with institutions in Chile, China, India, Mexico, and Singapore. Connie usually looks for two things when she canvasses her opportunities for volunteer work; solid organizational leadership and an organizational vision that matches her own passion for engaging with children and with low-resource communities to build their capacity for positive development. For her, Aaron’s Presents met both these criteria.

Kathy Egmont
Bio coming soon!

Aldonsa Pereyra
Bio coming soon!

Teg Rood
As principal of Rood Consulting, Teg works with clients to deliver a superior customer experience. His pro bono work includes projects with Community Action Partners and Entrepreneurship for All. Teg has also served in senior management positions over a 30 year career with several electronics manufacturers.

Rishub Solan
Director (NetImpact Board Fellow 2014-15)
Rishub works in Product Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, supporting strategic initiatives for multiple product lines in the life sciences space, and was formerly part of the Strategy & Corporate Development Group at HQ. Prior to Thermo Fisher, Rishub worked for Huron Consulting Group, a management consulting firm, and specialized in provider space operations within the firm’s healthcare arm. He joined the Board of Directors to foster the “pay-it-forward” concept inherent to Aaron’s Presents, and to help children cultivate the idea of self-awareness. He is currently assisting as Chair of the Strategy and Finance Committee.

Carlene Alpert
Heidi Burgess
Sheila Corbitt
Elizabeth Dill
Dona Flamme
Jooé Kim (Founding Board Member)
Fabio Malagisi
Dr. Paul Nguyen (Founding Board Member)
Natalie Nicholson
Barb Petricone
Victor Sheen (Founding Board Member)
Marjory Sherman-Bindman
Dr. Jocelyn Thein